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Having regular physicals can benefit the health of every member of your family. Samir Khalil, MD, of Family Care, located in Paterson, New Jersey, offers annual physicals for infants, children, and adults; as well as specialty physicals, such as commercial driving license (CDL), immigration, and sports physicals. Call or book an appointment online for a physical exam that best meets you and your family’s needs.

Physicals Q & A

What are physicals?

A physical is a valuable tool to help you and your family stay as healthy as possible throughout your lifetime. A physical may also be a requirement for inclusion in sports, or for qualification for jobs or the immigration process.

The purpose of a physical is to:

  • Establish your health status
  • Monitor existing health conditions
  • Look for any signs of developing health conditions
  • Evaluate your current medication list
  • Encourage healthy habits and lifestyle

In the case of specialty physicals, such as commercial driving license (CDL) or sports physicals, the purpose is to ensure that you are healthy enough to participate in a specific activity and that you will not place yourself or others at risk for injury or disease in the process.

What types of physicals are available?

At Family Care, Dr. Khalil offers both standard annual physicals for the entire family, as well as specialty physicals that an employer, sports program, or government agency may require. These include:

  • Well-infant exam
  • Well-child exam
  • Well-woman exam
  • CDL certification physicals
  • Immigration physicals
  • Sports physicals

Specialty physicals, such as CDL and immigration physicals, require specialized reporting. These physicals are adapted to meet specified requirements, including examination, blood work, and other tests.

What does a physical entail?

Standard annual physicals include elements that help to give Dr. Khalil a complete picture of your health status. This may include:

  • Updated health history
  • Weight and height
  • Physical examination  
  • Routine blood work
  • Urinalysis
  • Medication evaluation

Depending on your age, existing health conditions, or elevated risk for certain health problems, Dr. Khalil may suggest other tests, including cancer screenings, more specific blood work, EKG, or diabetic testing.

What happens during a physical assessment?

As part of a standard physical, a physical assessment is completed to evaluate how each of your body systems is functioning. Assessment includes:

  • Vital signs
  • Oxygen levels
  • Hearing and vision testing
  • Lung and heart sounds
  • Muscle and joint movement
  • Skin condition
  • Reflexes and nerve health

If necessary, Dr. Khalil may make suggestions or prescribe changes related to medications, healthy diet, or activity level. He may also suggest specialized testing to explore areas of concern. He is committed to helping you maintain your health now and in the future.

For an expert physical, call or book your appointment online with Dr. Khalil at Family Care.

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